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Hardware and 
Structural Wiring

If you need assistance setting up your business or home for structural wiring or hardware give us a call. We can run your network, audio/video, camera and IP phone wiring for you. We will come in and run the wires as discreet as the structure will allow or come up with a solution to keep wires hidden with you.  After the wires are in place we will terminate and install wall plates for your wall jacks and label them. We will then install the IT cabinet or rack needed to fit your needs and terminate and organize the cabinet so it stays functional and neat which leads to less downtime for you.

IT Rack Installation


The IT rack is one of the most integral parts of your network, a lot of times it will store your modem, router, switches, cameras, amp and audio/video sources. Make sure you have adequate room and an organized hierarchy for the cabinet or standing rack.

Cat 6 Data Runs and Termination


We can come in and run all your data wiring, usually Cat 6 is request, but we can do Cat 5E and 6A as well as anything else that is needed by your IT company. We will work with them to make sure they have the infrastructure needed to keep you up and running smoothly. Data runs provide a hardwired data connection for computers, phones, POS equipment and many other devices.

RG6 & Other

Cabling Services


We can help you with all your low voltage cabling needs. We can run wire for your speakers and RG6 wire for Comcast hookups, whether its internet and/or TV. We can also help you move wiring for aesthetic or technical purposes.

Data Room Cleanups


If you have an unorganized IT room that you inherited or if its just gotten out of hand over time we can help you out. A lot of times equipment or wires will be added over the years and even small amounts of mismanagement can add up and cause the area to become a tangled mess. We can organize and strap down your wiring so it stops getting tangled which leads to long term reliable results for your home or company.

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