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Access Control Access control is a smart and powerful tool for the business community. The biggest benefit is that you can integrate your alarm and access control into one login that you can have to access your software from anywhere. Through you can have one user profile for both alarm and access control so when somebody leaves the company you can delete them out of both systems simultaneously, giving you peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about rekeying your location anymore.

Access Control Setup

Remotely make changes to your access control plan on the fly. Choose doors, users, alarm settings, then access schedule on the go. Access Control Phone View

Remote Door Unlock

Remotely unlock your door until you lock it again in app or just buzz the person in to temporarily unlock the door. Access Control Door Locking Page

Keypad And Card Reader

Forgot your access control card? No problem, just put in your access code to unlock the door. Access Control Keypad


Access control


Thin and light so you can fit the card in your wallet. Access Control Keycard Mobile
Desktop App Access Control Computer View

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