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Audio Video Services

We are here for you with all your audio video needs, whether its for a restaurant, office or home we can help you out. If you're looking for Sonos with multiple zones or a surround sound system for your home theater, look no further. We can help you with having hair raising fidelity, spacial acoustics and jaw dropping TV visuals. 

Commercial Audio/Video


Include us in your next commercial install, we can help with flush mounted speakers, projector installations, TV mounting or a DJ audio system that's bound to impress.

TV Walls


We can help you with all your video wall needs, whether its intense clarity and/or a blindingly high brightness. Contact us and we can find a solution that fits you and your budget.


Audio Video


If you need help with mounting TV's, hooking up your Apple TV, gaming system, surround sound, audio bar or anything else you may have, we can assist.




Enjoy your night with a movie theater like experience. We'll get everything you need minus the popcorn. We'll install your projector or TV, audio receiver, speakers and set you up for hair raising, house shaking surround sound and stunning Video.

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Audio Video Solutions

We can help you with all your audio video needs

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