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High Tech
Camera Systems

With a high end camera system for residential or commercial use, you will be able to keep track of any incidents that you may have. Being able to check your cameras after an incident is the only way to see who was on your property and verify what they were doing. The cameras are also a great deterrent as it's a good way of keeping people honest. Most criminals will look for key opportunities and without a camera system your going to be at the top of there list.


Live View

With this feature view your cameras from anywhere. Check in on your home, see what employees are doing and check out how busy your business is. 

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Playback is extremely easy to view. Hit the playback icon and you will be able to choose time, date and zoom in and out of the timeline to be able to quickly navigate footage.


Download Footage From Your Phone

With easy to use software you can download up to a half hour at a time from your phone. You can also take screenshots and send both items to dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.


Advanced Functionality

Control your Ptz Cameras, View License Plate Reader data, control your Fisheye video feed.


Camera Software

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